Pioneer | Entrepreneur | Visionary
Leader | Educator | Philanthropist

“I don‘t want to
be recognized.
I want to do good.”

- Robert B. Daugherty

Demanded of ourselves and the organizations we support:

  • Passion
  • Integrity
  • Accountability

We invest in projects and organizations that demonstrate:

  • Potential to meet substantiated community needs with high impact.
  • A history of effective leadership and mission expertise.
  • A diversified income stream and broad-based community support.
  • Sound operational practices.
  • Remain steadfast to Robert B. Daugherty’s philanthropic intentions and respectful of his reputation and legacy.
  • Make trustee-driven community investment decisions.
  • Conduct business with highest degree of ethics and integrity.
  • Practice independent judgment with effective collaboration.
  • Sustain unwavering commitment to operational excellence and transparency.
  • Conduct rigorous, fact-based due diligence with a sense of professional urgency.
  • Recruit and retain an efficient, performance-driven team.